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Temple Lodge image gallery.

A collection of keepsakes of some of our best nights.
2nd Degree - Bro. Jesse Ogle
Feb - 2016
2015 Summer BBQ

Our traditional summer BBQ with family and visiting friends.

Aug - 2015

Rusty turns V.W.

Very Worshipful regalia was presented to our very own Bro. Russell Williams, appointed as Grand Tyler.

Sep - 2015

2015 - 2016 Team Installation

W.M. Trevor Hemmerling was installed Master of Temple Lodge for the second time.

May - 2015

Initiation of Bros. Carlos Olivera and Chad Robinson

Two new brethren were wellcomed into the Craft and Temple Lodge.

Jan - 2015

2014 DDGM Official Visit

Our excellent Bro. Alain Meere was also initiated.

Jan - 2014

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